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In Queensland, you have three years from the death of a loved one to make a civil (common-law) claim for dependency and/or a psychiatric injury suffered by you if your loved ones death was due to negligence or a preventable accident.  For a dependency claim, you are effectively claiming for the loss of financial support due to their death.  Dependency claims include deaths due to workplace accidents, motor vehicle accidents, cycling accidents, dust related illnesses, medical negligence, aircraft accidents and public place accidents etc.


If your loved one’s death was related to their employment, a statutory dependency claim may be possible against their workers’ compensation insurer.  A statutory dependency claim can generally be brought by the deceased worker’s spouse, children under 16 and financial dependents who are full-time students up to the age of 21.  


The statutory dependency claim must usually be lodged within six months of the worker’s death. If you need help with or advice about a civil or statutory dependency claim contact one of our dependency claim experts for a free, confidential, no-obligation chat about your rights on 07 3001 2900 or Start Your Claim by clicking here

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